Wednesday, November 26, 2008

sex during your period

Here's an interesting quick read about one woman's perspective on having sex while on your period:


Anonymous said...

I've never done it. I agree that at the start of my period I don't feel up to sex at all. And I think guys have a tough time getting over the "gross" part of it. I don't see it as gross, really, but maybe it would be if I actually did it. I wouldn't want to have to clean that up.

babz said...

Yeah, it's just a little messy.. But it provides extra lubrication! I've tried to stop sex from happening once, but the guy insisted that he didn't care at all.

Anonymous said...

The blog said..religions specifically prohibit sex during a woman's period on the ground that a vagina is somewhat foul or dirty.
My experience with some animist religions is that a woman's period is so magical and powerful that they need to be isolated during their menstruation. People were unknowledgeable about the anatomy/biology of it all. But it was seen as soil, dark, and earthly. Mother Earth was idolized. We were the epitome of mother earth