Sunday, December 14, 2008

Books!!!! and such!

I'm starting to pack up my belongings since I will be in Spain next semester, but I have a lot of books that would love to be read!!! They range from women's fiction to women's health to women's issues essay compilations to women's poetry (and tons of others). If you have any interest in them, let me know before they go sit in a box in new jersey!

This leads me to the idea that we should have some sort of library or a compiled list of everyone's books and other resources (blogs, websites, zines, etc.) so we not only know what it is, but where to get it (kind of like knowing someone who know's a drug dealer--it's handy!). We could post a list on the blog and everyone could add to it or we could compile it as a word doc? google doc? eh? Thoughts??

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