Wednesday, April 28, 2010

History of Birth Control

So I just came across this article that discusses the birth of the Pill, which is what we had talked about briefly at the meeting as wanting to find out more. Sanger was interested in women's rights and was working with the immigrant community, but she was also a eugenics enthusiast as it was a major fad at the time. The article states that pill was developed to solve issues of overpopulation rather than help "emancipate" women. I think I have a bit of difficulty with that diction since it's still a hormonal contraceptive that you need to take everyday. It also adds to the medicalization of female bodies. Here's the article I was talking about that discussed the sterilization of Puerto Rican women.

Here's Loretta Lynn singing The Pill, a song about how the pill helped liberate women from patriarchy (to an extent). woot!

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And here's the Time cover story I mentioned--,8599,1983712,00.html