Wednesday, April 21, 2010


There was recently an article in Newsweek about women getting IUDs. It used to be that women who hadn't had children yet were not allowed to get them for fear of sterilization. There is also the problem that if one gets an STI, the IUD can get caught in the scar tissue, hence leading to sterilization or other health problems.

However, more research has led to IUDs being offered to more women these days. While there are two different kinds of IUDs--copper or hormonal, it can actually be a really good alternative for women who do not wish to use a hormonal form but want protection from unwanted pregnancies.

Here's an interesting article about IUD accessibility.

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babz said...

that was such a good article! so interesting that it's so hard for upperclass women to get birth control like that, but it turns out IUDs are 100% covered on Medicaid.. so if you're a poor woman, you're practically encouraged to get on semi-permanent bc. because godforbid low-income women pass on their poverty to the next generation!
I also started researching how IUDs work, and i cannot for the life of me find out how the non-hormonal copper kind actually prevents fertilization. i've searched practically everywhere and cannot find a straight answer! it seems like they just guessed - "hm, maybe we'll try putting something foreign in your uterus and maybe it'll prevent pregnancy!" i know they seem a safe and very effective method, one that i would consider using if could find out what the goddamned thing does to your body!