Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Discussion Topic

So, I know this is a really personal topic so feel free to answer anonymously, but I was just wondering if we could talk about what sex is like for everybody. I am interested in hearing from girls my age, most books have told us it just "feels good." What do you like, what don't you like, and this isn't just confined to intercourse. But when it comes to intercourse, is it consistently pleasurable, or hit or miss? What do you think affects your experience? What about the myth of "size matters" - do you think it's a myth? What are you experiences with orgasms? Etc etc, feel free to fill in more questions!

I understand that this seems like a fairly heteronormative question, and I also know that not everyone in our group is sexually active, for whatever reasons, but let's share our experiences with each other (hetero or not, and those with or without a partner). I would like to get an idea of what we are (or aren't!) experiencing, as long as people feel comfortable sharing. Is anyone else interested in this stuff? Or am I just weird.

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babz said...

I can't believe nobody's answered this yet... We should definitely have a meeting focused on this, it always comes up anyway. I could go on forever about this, so I'll try to keep it short.
*I never orgasm during sex, but still love it.
*Bigger doesn't necessarily mean better for me, it's more about the motion of the ocean than the size of the wave. But a good motion and with a big wave is better than a good motion with a small wave, if you catch my drift!
*I like missionary position, and spooning position best.
*I don't like doggy style because I like full frontal contact, and being able to look at my partner. But too much eye contact freaks me out.
*I've found that morning sex is always better. You're not drunk or fumbling around in the dark. You're well rested and ready to start your day right.
*I don't like giving or receiving oral sex.
*And of course, sex with someone you care about romantically is ALWAYS way better than anything else, without a doubt. Duh.
*And you are not weird, I'm super interested in this stuff too. I've considered becoming a sexologist.