Thursday, January 8, 2009


Hey guys, I've been trying to do some research on soaps for women, because I've read that we shouldn't use just regular soap to wash our hoo-has. Apparently it can screw up our natural pH balances. Does anyone know of any good options for soaps with a lower pH that's maybe more natural? What do you all do?

I found this website when searching but I'm sure there's more options out there.


Meredith said...

I actually don't think that we're supposed to wash our hoo-has(!) with any kind of soap b/c of the delicate pH balance. My mom always said that and Our Bodies, Ourselves says just to rinse. The issue why douching is sooo bad--it completely messes up the ph balance and can deplete your vagina of the good bacteria that's needed. Our privates are on the cleanest parts of our bodies too since there's little exposure with the outside world and whatnot. These products are usually more detrimental than helpful to our vaginal health.

This topic is more than just about being clean though. The idea that we need to wash our vaginas goes back to the idea that they're "dirty" and "smelly," which are really culturally oppressive attitudes we have.

Here's a link that has some information about soap + vaginas. Hopefully this helps a little.

babz said...

I usually just use Dr. Bronners or natural soap I get at the farmers' market.. for my WHOLE body!!